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Slip-Sliding Away

FASHION magazine

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May, 2018

I grew up watching Three’s Company and cultivating the conviction that being a grown-up meant living with a couple of good-looking roommates somewhere near a beach and getting embroiled in misunderstandings involving double entendres and a swinging kitchen door. But mostly it meant that I would grow up to wear the hell out of ’70s-style […]

She’ll Take You There


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November, 2017

I recently purchased an unreasonable number of outfits in shades of white and cream. When I wear them, I feel fresh, well-leisured, like the kind of person who lets other people worry about the tedium of laundry—i.e., rich. That is, totally unlike myself. Not long ago, as my two-and-a-half-year-old, Leo, approached my creamy new dress, […]

The Color Cure

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ELLE (U.S.) 

May, 2017

“Your mother looks like a gypsy,” a so-called friend once said to me, referring to the clothes my mom would wear to pick me up from school—no doubt making an entrance. It was the mid-80s. I was about 10 years old. Among all the other mothers, sensibly dressed in their sweatshirts and jeans or Angela […]

You Must Remember This

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FASHION magazine

March, 2017

 It was springtime in Paris. Horse-chestnut and almond trees were in white, fluffy bloom, and children were floating toy sailboats across the Jardin du Luxembourg’s Grand Bassin. I was about 12 years old, and I was in giddy, heart- fluttering love—with a bag. My mom and I were visiting my aunt, and the three of […]

Carte Blanche

May, 2016

{ View article PDF } I’m getting ready to leave the house, and my son is looking at me the way Jackson Pollock might have beheld a blank canvas, pre-masterwork. I am, after all, wearing layer upon fresh layer of white—snowy jeans from Swedish brand Acne, a Filippa K button-down that feels as though it’s been […]

No Filter

 { View article PDF } When Facebook was in its infancy, and people began posting shots of their offspring in their infancy, I made a private vow: In the interests of discre- tion and not turning into a wannabe stage mother, I would refrain from posting pictures of my own infant, should I ever have one, […]

Vow Factor

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FASHION magazine

April, 2013

OLIVIA STREN goes shopping for a wedding dress and finds out her perfect match isn’t tied up with bows I’m in wedding empress Ines di Santo’s Toronto boutique, fondling a frothy, aisle-long expanse of Chantilly lace, Italian silk and doppia faccia (double face) Italian satin—a decadent marriage between peau de soie and taffeta. “It feels like orchid […]

Love, Loss and What She Wore

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April, 2012

In second grade, that age at which one is compelled to declare a favorite in all things, my favorite TV show was Dallas. I loved it because my actress aunt, Taty (our version of the French tatie, or “auntie”), who did voice-overs in Paris, was the Gallic Linda Gray. The show’s French version was a […]

A Secret Crush

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ELLE Canada

September, 2011

When we first met in the early ’90s, we quickly fell irrevocably in love. And, like most—okay, all—love affairsI had in high school, my romance with J.Crew was unrequited. I went to a high school in north Toronto that was populated with girls who were great at group sports and looked spectacular in whiskered, cut-off jean […]

Amazing Lace

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FASHION magazine

October, 2008

Taking fall’s frothy trend for a ride.