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Land Reform

FASHION magazine

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March, 2019


The Good Life

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Canadian Traveller magazine

April, 2017

 Almost every year when I was growing up in Toronto, I used to visit my grandmother at her condo in Palm Beach, Florida. Sometime around the first frost

I was seeing my mom in everything

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Glow magazine

September, 2013

When my mom was nine years old, she, her sister and her mother moved from their home of Casablanca to Morocco

You Must Remember This

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National Geographic Traveler

December, 2012


A Woman’s Work

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FASHION Magazine

November, 2011

OLIVIA STREN falls under the sensuous spell of Mexico’s most celebrated chef.

A Sea as Blue as a Smurf

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National Post

October, 2009

A spectrum of South Pacific blue does funny things to the mind.

Animal Kingdoms

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National Geographic Traveler

December, 2006

Acacia trees spread across the horizon like parasols. Laura, a young giraffe, lingers in the shade with the grace of a Henry James heroine at a garden party. Her seven-foot-tall, eight month-old son, Gordon, glides through blond grasses, while weaver birds career through jacarandas like winged lemons. At six p.m. sharp, Cosmos Mutinda, a staffer at […]